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This is an introductory small group study on Christian Apologetics.

Please note that this is a compilation and selection of existing material, and that throughout this study I have referenced the original literature sources. It is highly recommended that you consult these sources if a more in-depth study is required.

Where to start?

  1. You can work your way through the contents table.

  2. This study can be also be used as a ten week small group course.

    There are discussion questions and a guideline at the end of each section describing the material that needs to be read for the following week. I have also provided the worksheets that I used to facilitate the weekly group discussions, you will need to modify them to suit your particular needs. I have zipped the Word file and made it available, click here to download the worksheet file

  3. An high-level summary is available. Please note that this is very brief and will make far more sense if you have already worked through the actual study.

  4. You can download the entire study in a zipped Word file format

Did Jesus exit? Did Jesus exist (Study Two) Does the NT contain Gospel Fictions or lies?
The Bibliographical Test (Study 3 Part 1) Does the NT contain myths?
Is the New Testament reliable as a historical record? Is the New Testament reliable as a historical record? (Study Three)
The Internal Evidence Test (Study 3 Part 2) What are we to make of all the supernatural events recorded in the New Testament documents?
The External Evidence Test (Study 3 Part 3) Are miralces possible?
Did Jesus claim to be God? Did Jesus claim to be God? (Study Four) Does God exist?
Was Jesus who he claimed to be? (Study Five)
Was Jesus who he claimed to be?
The Resurrection
Prophetic Evidence
Conclusions and Implications


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